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AShield shows one touch sign-in to beat authentication glitches

Getting past the pain of One Time Passwords.

At CLOUD CITY, security specialist AShield was demonstrating a single click authentication system designed to speed up the process of signing up to new services, whilst making it more secure.

Instead of a user entering their details, waiting for a One Time Password (OTP) to arrive over SMS and then entering that back into the sign-up form, AShield’s solution uses mobile number identification without any user friction to authenticate. 

A one-click sign on takes just a few seconds, as opposed to the usual process taking over a minute, and 18 clicks. AShield also adds that OTPs fail 20-30% of the time, adding to the friction of a user trying to log in to a service.

AShield uses advanced Spatial cryptography and Deep Learning in tandem to detect and mitigate threats while enhancing the customer experience of users. Its solutions are built on a cloud-native architecture to ensure on-demand scaling and high availability for business continuity.

AShield also provides solutions for Telecom service providers and operators by providing protection against Mobile VAS frauds, eliminating bot-initiated subscriptions and securing micropayments on various platforms.

AShield truly believes the days of passwords and OTPs are well behind us.