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Totogi’s Auto Plan

Totogi launched its new charging engine today, promising to use the power of the public cloud and an open API model to revolutionise the way telcos use subscriber data to drive new revenues.

One new tool is its Auto Plan, that creates hyper-personalised plans. The in-show demo shows how an operator can design a plan that is designed to meet objectives that it has  – say to reduce churn or increase revenue – but in a manner that is targeted to a specific slice of customers.

The tool might identify customers that like eating out and travel, and incentivise a new plan with coffee vouchers and cheaper travel insurance. It creates cohorts based on such data, and then it builds an offer for that sub group of customers, in a specific location, that is designed to reduce churn.

It can also show the operator ARPU over the time of a plan, so that a decision engine can see when and how to make an offer to keep a customer involved and engaged.

Auto Plan shows the cost and the revenue return of the new plan, and how the customers’ NPS will change as a result.

It’s a smart demo, but the cleverness lies in the engine behind the front end – that’s where Totogi sees the real opportunity for its new approach to charging; to change the way telcos monetise their connectivity and data.

“Totogi will enable telco executives to use their valuable network data to drive meaningful customer engagement to deliver customer love. I’m thrilled to act as CEO and help this great team to drive big change in the telco industry,” said Royston.