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Aarna Networks orchestrates cloud core on Azure

5G CNF Orchestration

Here’s a demo you can see at CLOUD CITY, virtually, from Aarna Networks. It addresses how operators can orchestrate cloud core instances on Azure.

The demo installs the Aarna Networks Multi Cluster Orchestration Platform (AMCOP) on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster#1 and orchestrates the open source Free5GC 5G Core onto AKS cluster#2. Then it shows traffic running through the 5GC by using a gNB/UE simulator.

As we talk about public cloud and what it means for telcos, this sort of workload and lifecycle management is the nuts and bolts of how telcos can gain the benefits. And it builds on ONAP and CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation) modules, showing that public cloud for telco needn’t be about ripping everything up. Its about taking the benefits of a platform like Azure Stack to help enable orchestration of cloud native functions.