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Aurea flips home working on its head

Incredible news for carriers. The future of work is 5G. If the cloud is right.

Working from home can be a richer experience than the office environment, provided home workers have the right tools, according to enterprise software specialist Aurea, which unveiled its business metaverse concept at CLOUD CITY this week.

“It’s actually incredible news for carriers”

The US company has created what it describes as immersive, 3D virtual work experiences, in a bid to tackle the disconnect that home working can create. Its aim is to connect remote knowledge workers directly to the culture, people, and ideas of their company, and to provide them with a work-from-anywhere experience that it claims is even more immersive than actually being in the office.

Underpinned by the cloud and the additional bandwidth provided by 5G networks, Aurea’s business metaverse can recreate the feeling of being in the company’s Paris office for a morning meeting, followed by an afternoon walking the halls in Berlin or touring the factory floor in Shanghai, it explains.

“At every step, you feel and interact like you are physically there,” CEO Scott Brighton says. “This kind of experience can’t be built on a few distributed servers over antiquated networks. It requires all the innovation of the cloud, with the immense bandwidth and massive connectivity of 5G.”

The future of work isn’t in billion-dollar office towers or sprawling corporate campuses. In fact, it’s on 5G networks like the one you’re building

Aurea’s announcement could not be more timely, coming as enterprises start to consider how they will be structured in the post-pandemic era, top workforce talent makes decisions on work-life balance, and telecoms operators seek lucrative 5G use cases that will justify their spend on the technology.

On that last point, Aurea says its business metaverse has the potential to be a hugely lucrative opportunity for telcos, as enterprise spend moves away from physical offices to the digital world.

“The future of work isn’t in billion-dollar office towers or sprawling corporate campuses. In fact, it’s on 5G networks like the one you’re building,” the company said in a message to telcos to publicize its presence at CLOUD CITY.

“30%-40% of workers will never return to the office post-pandemic; they’d rather quit,” says Brighton.

“It’s actually incredible news for carriers. If you can offer a remote work experience that is better and more immersive than being in the office, you can capture your share of a trillion-dollar capital shift from commercial real estate to bandwidth,” he says . “We’re building this business metaverse today, and we’re excited to preview it with top carriers in CLOUD CITY at Mobile World Congress.”