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P1 Security tackles cloud security for 5G

As we’re hearing at CLOUD CITY, the public cloud enables telcos and enterprises to transform how they operate in all manner of ways. However, for telcos, it does throw up new challenges in terms of network security.

In the words of one CLOUD CITY exhibitor, P1 Security, cloud technologies and providers are changing everything in the way operators deliver 5G networks. As a consequence, new technologies are needed “to control the exchange between internal operational networks and external cloud services,” the company says.

Philippe Langlois, CEO of P1 Security, explains that the company’s goal “is to make control of deep technologies present in 5G accessible in a secure and privacy-respecting manner to enterprise customers.”

This is key to delivering all the 5G Standalone promises such as network slicing, edge computing, open RAN-based disaggregated private radio access infrastructures and 5G services,” Langlois adds.

P1 Security, as its name might just suggest, is in the business of providing the very technologies that will overcome these challenges — and is exhibiting some of its latest innovations in Barcelona this week. Its claim is that it is bringing cloud-era security to 5G operators — “as well as to 4G, 2G, 3G, and IoT operators.”

P1 Security offers telecoms-specific solutions covering network intrusion detection, vulnerability knowledge base, auditing and scanning, edge, network slicing and 5G APIs, and even something it calls a ‘network fuzzing solution’.

At MWC, it is announcing a range of products including cloud diodes — or ‘5G API security made easy’. Others are a P1 Telecom Auditor (PTA) scanner for 5G core assessments, and the rather marvellously named P1 Telecom Fuzzer (PTF) for testing the robustness of 5G CI/CD integration.

The marvellously named P1 Telecom Fuzzer in the CI/CD workflow.

Also on show are the P1 Vulnerability Knowledge Base (VKB) 5G edition for protocol vulnerabilities, cloud native and Kubernetes security, and 5G API security for cloud native operators.

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