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DevGraph can help take you to the public cloud

How telcos could manage their AWS apps…

Software developer DevGraph is an expert in using AWS for over 140 of its own applications, and at CLOUD CITY it is demonstrating to others how to make the move to AWS and then optimize performance and cost when you’re there.

The company’s ScaleArc is a tool to manage migrating a database to AWS without having to do a lot of work on the application itself. The company says its process gives zero downtime and reduces risk of the migration, and once there it can drive scale up to “Earth Scale.” Once the migration is in place, the company can then scale up vertically and horizontally, to “Earth Scale”.

Migrate database to the cloud…
Scale up vertically…
… and horizontally.

A second demo is its CloudFix. This will scan all of a company’s AWS applications, keeping on top of where an app is over-provisioned, if it is using the best database, what deal terms the company should be on. It provides these recommendations at the click of a button. DevGraph gives its customers their first $100,000 of savings for free, before it starts charging.

CloudFix provides a one click “state of the nation” report on your AWS presence.

DevGraph’s third demo is its DevFlows software, which it describes as being the Visual Basic of AWS. When a user is more mature on AWS, DevFlows gives them a way of connecting SaaS applications and AWS services together to create new applications¬† – its example at the show was to slice and dice Amdocs data into a BI tool.

There’s a great video showing how to create the capability, using DevFlow’s controls to manage the process.