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Dotgo using RCS for richer business messaging

The world’s first open bot store from DotGo.

At CLOUD CITY, Dotgo was demonstrating its RCS-based messaging and bot solutions for carriers.

The company has technology which can enrich the way businesses communicate with customers in messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Google as well as for operators’ own messaging platforms.

One demo is of an enriched OTP message, with added branding and messaging for the customer, and a single touch confirmation that automatically populates the sign in form with the OTP code.

Using RCS for richer business messaging.

The company also has a world first bot store, where customers can add a chatbot to their WhatsApp or device messaging platform, simply by scanning a QR code. Orange Cameroon is using the bot service to deliver celebrity news and content direct within the messaging app of its customers.

Orange’s bot for celebrity news and content
And the chatbot live on a phone.