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Totogi charges into the cloud future

One meeellion transactions per second, Baby! Telco software startup Totogi launched the industry’s first webscale charging system.

Dr Totogi
Totogi: set to deliver telcos the love of their customers.

The first place to see the new products in action is at Cloud City at Mobile World Congress Barcelona.

The Totogi Charging System is a real-time charging and plan design engine that handles one million transactions per second, and the company has committed to doubling this rate every six months.

The webscale BSS platform supports 12 TM Forum Open Digital Architecture application programming interfaces (APIs) and Totogi aims to support the complete set of APIs by the end of 2021.

“Totogi is entering the market with a webscale platform that can do for telcos what Salesforce did for CRM in the early 2000s,” said Danielle Royston, CEO and founder of TelcoDR and acting CEO of Totogi.

Get that customer love… with Totogi

The systems are offered on a usage-based pricing model that starts with a free tier. The Charging System is free for up to 500 million transactions per month and the BSS is free for up to 500 million API calls per month. Totogi notes that the level of transactions in the free tier aligns with service providers that have 250,000 or fewer subscribers.

Totogi’s new systems are expected to achieve 80% lower total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to traditional systems deployed on-premise or in private clouds. Built for public clouds, the systems deliver the advantages of hyperscale environments, including scalability and failover, and remove the need for capacity over-provisioning and disaster recovery planning.

The Charging System runs across six data centres on two continents, using Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure, custom hardware, and DynamoDB database service.

Royston backed Totogi with a $100 million investment in May 2021 to accelerate the company’s growth.

“Totogi will enable telco executives to use their valuable network data to drive meaningful customer engagement to deliver customer love. I’m thrilled to act as CEO and help this great team to drive big change in the telco industry,” said Royston.