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ZehpyrTel has four things to tell you

Four ways to use the power of the public cloud.

ZehpyrTel is using the power of the public cloud to solve key issues for telcos and their customers. At MWC it is showcasing how its software can improve in-home connectivity, make it easier for users to transfer data from device to device, and help businesses to discover IoT services.

CEO Michael Speranza says ZehpyrTel is already working with more than 300 telcos. He hails this year’s MWC as the “ideal platform” to show the full value of the company’s products. “We’re looking forward to some interesting and in-depth conversations with visitors, both in-person and virtually,” he adds.

So what can visitors expect to see from ZehpyrTel at this year’s show? In a nutshell, it’s presenting four key solutions for telcos that aim to iron out some thorny customer experience issues.

For example, think about those times you’ve bought a new smartphone and then have to copy over photos and contacts from your old device. It’s not always as straightforward as it should be, that’s for sure. ZehpyrTel’s Virtual Mobile Device Transfer service is designed to make it far simpler to transfer data between all types of devices.

As for patchy home Internet services – we’ve all been there. ZehpyrTel says that’s because telcos often have poor visibility into home networks. The good news is that the company has come up with a way to help telcos improve the customer experience in the home.

A third solution, WiFi Offload, does what it says on the tin: it provides a way for telcos to extend their network reach and improve services in locations that are hard to reach.

Last but not least, ZehpyrTel is offering to make large-scale, low-cost IoT a reality for enterprises by bringing together device management, charging control, and mobile messaging capabilities.