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VoltDB revs data processing in the cloud

At CLOUD CITY, data processing specialist VoltDB unveiled the latest version of its speedy Data Platform and it’s ready to run in any type of cloud.

The Data Platform brings sub-10-millisecond data processing to business and operational support systems (BSS/OSS), customer management systems and revenue assurance, powering real-time decision-making for operators to drive revenue and prevent revenue loss.

Version 10.2, which is being certified by Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), is easily deployed in any public, on-premise or hybrid clouds for speedy data processing in the apps that enable operators to monetize 5G investments. The updated version also features a simplified architecture that removes the need for an intermediate messaging layer so that event data can be published directly to the platform. With the new capabilities, operators can improve process automation with technologies like digital twins.

Our customers are leading the way, using our data platform to unlock new revenue streams

VoltDB believes the focus of 5G should not be just on the network, but also on the subscriber experience. To match the speed and low latency of new 5G edge applications, operators need to make fast and accurate decisions on event data from the network and subscribers. VoltDB delivers the velocity with its unified, scalable, cloud-native data processing platform designed for low-maintenance data centres.

David Flower: infrastructure is stopping telcos develop the 5G use cases they need.

“We saw in a recent study from Deloitte that 57% of organizations think their existing infrastructure prevents them from unlocking the innovative use cases they need to get the greatest returns on their 5G investments”, said David Flower, CEO and President of VoltDB. “Our customers are leading the way, using our data platform to unlock new revenue streams from 5G-optimized applications for BSS, customer management, mediation, policy control, Industrial IoT, and more.”

Customers that use the data processing platform have improved average revenue per user (ARPU) by 2.75 times, reduced churn by 80%, decreased fraud by 83% and reduced network traffic by 30%, according to VoltDB.