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Salamanca here for a once in a generation revolution

SSI paves the way to public cloud

IT consultancy Salamanca Solutions International (SSI) showed off a service at CLOUD CITY that aims to make the transition to public cloud easier for telcos, especially those that are reluctant to leave their legacy systems behind.

SSI’s Smart Infrastructure Service provides companies a path to the cloud from their on-premise servers. The service migrates a company’s on-premise implementation to an on-premise Google Kubernetes environment, which can then be moved to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform whenever the customer is ready, or when their existing servers reach end of life.

Part of the revolution… Salamanca’s Beckett.

The service can save 25% of a company’s on-premise capacity load, according to a LinkedIn post by SSI CEO Ian Beckett.

The service also addresses one of the challenges of public cloud adoption, which is that companies are generally resistant to change. SSI recognises that transitioning to the cloud involves more than simply moving workloads.

With 40 years of experience in deploying transformation services for multi-national companies, Beckett said that “the process always involved aligning the people, products, and process in a business with the customer.”

For Beckett, the transition to public cloud is a “once in a generation change” and he is “proud to be part of the revolution.”