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Wavemax opens up shared WiFi

Wavemax is bringing 5G, WiFi and the public cloud together to open up WiFi access.

Mexican company Wavemax demonstrated a system at CLOUD CITY that enables any owner of a WiFi access point – be that a person in their home, a small shop or a large retail chain – to share access to that network to other users.

The company has an app and a backend that brings together advertisers and WiFi owners. The owner can share the access point, earning a revenue share from adverts or roaming agreements with brands or carriers. The advertisers can search available access points and program advertising depending on location, usage and so on.

It has also integrated authentication so that customers of WiFi service providers with a roaming agreement can join the shared network for free, and the WiFi owners takes a share of the roaming fee.

How it works:

1. A WiFi owner can share their access point via an app.
2. The user sees adverts placed programmatically by Wavemax’s partner brands before getting their free access.
3. Brands can see anonymised stats on user behaviour and data, to refine their offers and ad placement.

Wavemax has a deal with Mexico’s second largest supermarket owner, and it is expecting huge growth – from 50 million accesses last year, to over one billion next year.

It has all its user and customer portals and dashboards on Google Cloud, using GCP APIs. That has enabled it to scale – and fast.

It also has a live trial about to be announced in New York, that involves combining 5G and WiFi6, but we can’t tell you any more about that for now, as the details are still under wraps!

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