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Public Cloud, Open APIs, and no spaghetti

With a $100 million dollar investment propelling it forward, Totogi wants to revolutionise telco charging. Robin Langdon, CTO, tells Keith Dyer how it will do it.

“Antiquated systems wrap every business decision in a thick layer of spaghetti architecture”

KD: Totogi has a big presence here at CLOUD CITY at MWC21. Can you tell me about the company?

RL: Totogi is on a mission to completely redefine how carriers engage with their subscribers by leveraging the power of the public cloud. We’ve hired the best talent in telco, and we’ve leveraged their skills and expertise to create the world’s first webscale BSS platform AND real-time charging and plan design engines for telcos.

Totogi has purpose-built our charging and BSS systems specifically for the public cloud, so CSPs don’t need to install anything on-premise – everything is accessed via the web. No other vendor has done this, instead they have opted to port decades old software into Kubernetes containers.

Our next-generation, cloud-based BSS and charging system is 100% built for the public cloud, 100% API-driven, and 100% SQL-free. And by the way, Totogi is 80% cheaper compared with the cost of on-premises charging solutions.

I could spend all day talking about Totogi, but your best bet is to head to CLOUD CITY by TelcoDR and see it for yourself.

KD: I absolutely will. Before that though, what are the pain points that Totogi solves for CSPs?

RL: Too many telcos are being dragged down by legacy infrastructure built up over decades. These antiquated systems wrap every business decision in a thick layer of spaghetti architecture and historic processes, and prevent them from better serving their subscribers. Totogi gives CSPs the chance to break free from this outdated tech and enables them to launch charging plans quickly and easily while slashing costs and boosting performance.

Totogi taps the transformative power of the public cloud to drive more meaningful – and valuable – subscriber engagement. For CSPs, this delivers dramatically lower costs, and NPS ratings that skyrocket from the 30s to the 70s!

Totogi Plan Design eliminates dependence on IT teams to get new plans to market fast. When a telco marketing VP wants to design a new plan, Totogi shows the applicable, competitive plans to accelerate decisions. The marketing VP can create the new plan in less than 30 minutes and roll it out to subscribers that night. Then there’s Totogi Auto Plan, which lets you tailor your plans down to a single subscriber, for the ultimate in personalization. This also helps to reduce customer churn.

There are a whole host of other features, which you’ll be able to see demoed live at CLOUD CITY by TelcoDR.

KD: What does it matter what cloud you’re in… what’s the advantage of Totogi being purpose-built for the public cloud?

RL: On-premise approaches don’t work. And there’s simply no way carriers can match the investment and resources the public cloud giants have made from an IT infrastructure, hardware, software, and data management standpoint.

Instead, Totogi harnesses all of the capabilities of the public cloud to offer unparalleled flexibility, speed, and scalability. And because it’s built on the public cloud, Totogi customers can be confident their data is backed-up across multiple regions, with 24×7 availability. The public cloud giants have built in countless layers of business continuity protection, and our customers inherit all this.

There is no cost to use Totogi Charging System for up to five hundred million transactions per month and no cost to use Totogi BSS for up to five hundred million API calls per month.

KD: What does being API driven mean, and again, what are the benefits for your customers?

RL: Many vendors claim to offer an open API framework, but Totogi is actually delivering it. Totogi already supports 12 of the TM Forum APIs, which currently puts us in second place with GOLD status. But we’re not done – we plan to support all of TM Forum’s Open Digital Architecture APIs by the end of 2021.

The benefits for customers are huge. This no-code plan design means marketing teams can model and implement plans without IT assistance, which in turn can reduce customer churn by 20% and increase ARPU growth by 15%.

KD: There are a lot of charging engines and BSS offerings in the market – what’s your differentiation?

RL: Totogi is the first charging engine to be designed and engineered from the ground up on the public cloud. It’s 80% cheaper, 10x more scalable, and more resilient than traditional systems. The fact that it’s achieved that performance benchmark of one million transactions per second is also pretty special too… in fact, we believe it’s an industry first!

Totogi is the only true webscale charging solution and BSS that can scale to billions of subscribers and devices, and that can process millions of transactions per second.

Another big point of differentiation is our pricing model. In an industry first, Totogi is offering usage-based pricing, starting with a free tier option for CSPs. There is no cost to use Totogi Charging System for up to five hundred million transactions per month and no cost to use Totogi BSS for up to five hundred million API calls per month.